How to do structural strengthening with carbon fiber

Carbon fiber reinforcement is a new type of reinforcement method that plays a very important role in building reinforcement engineering. There are many places where it can be used. In the building reinforcement industry, carbon fiber reinforcement is becoming more and more popular, and many construction units will give preference to carbon fiber reinforcement methods. As the hottest reinforcement method in the reinforcement industry, carbon fiber reinforcement has great advantages, so how does carbon fiber reinforcement work? Let’s introduce how carbon fiber reinforcement works.

How to do structural strengthening with carbon fiber

I. Preparation for construction

You need to be familiar with the construction drawings before the carbon fiber reinforcement construction, which can help the subsequent reinforcement construction. Through the analysis of different construction requirements and construction sites, the selection of materials for the overall construction is of great significance. The use of carbon fiber as a reinforcement method for the project also requires corresponding preliminary work preparation.

Surface treatment of concrete components

Surface treatment of concrete components. When using this method to process the main components of the project, the surface of the construction components should be cleaned to a certain extent, and the residual and loose parts should be completely removed. Ensuring the solidity of the sticking surface is the main requirement for sticking carbon fiber; the cleaning of sundries and other debris is also important. It is also very important to control the temperature and moderate temperature of the processing environment. The environmental characteristics are the main requirements for the maintenance work after the construction of carbon fiber projects.

How to do structural strengthening with carbon fiber

Preparation and painting of epoxy structural adhesive

When carbon fiber is used for reinforcement, structural glue will be used, which needs to be prepared and used. When attaching carbon fiber as a reinforcing tool, a corresponding epoxy glue is required as an adhesive material. In order to ensure the corresponding bonding strength, the underlying adhesive needs to penetrate completely into the surface-concrete. The actual work shows that the focus should be on the assessment of viscosity without the formation of vertical flow and ensure complete in-depth deployment.

paste carbon fiber cloth

After the surface of the component has been cleaned appropriately, the prepared carbon resin is used to bond the carbon fiber cloth cut according to requirements. During the manual pasting process, it should be gently pasted on the surface of the component by hand, and the special roller is used to eliminate the air bubbles. This process should be repeated many times to ensure that the resin structural adhesive can be fully combined with the carbon fiber cloth.

How to do structural strengthening with carbon fiber

Surface protection and surface treatment of carbon fiber cloth

The general curing time is one to two weeks. Of course, it can be appropriately extended or shortened according to the characteristics of the construction environment. Operate and inspect according to the temperature at that time. After curing the resin structure, you should brush a layer of sunscreen or fireproof paint on the surface of the carbon fiber according to actual needs to ensure the overall safety of the project.

When it comes to carbon fiber reinforcement, the choice of material is also very important, because the role of different carbon fiber reinforcement materials is different, and the effect of carbon fiber material reinforcement is different for different brands. Carbon fiber reinforcement needs to be performed in accordance with the construction steps. This can ensure the successful completion of the reinforcement construction and also ensure the quality of carbon fiber reinforcement.