Fidstrong Carbon Fiber Rebar


  • Use carbon fiber and epoxy resin, light weight and high strength.
  • All-thread surface with good bond strength for concrete.
  • With excellent durability and corrosion, high temperature resistance
  • Convenient for handle, reduce structure weight.
  • Well fatigue resistance, energy saving and environmental protect


  • Mine road way support.
  • Rail transit and tunnel constructions.
  • Underground space.
  • Coastal enviromental constructions.
  • Slope protection.
  • Municipal engineering construction.

Technical Data

Material: carbon fiber+epoxy resin
Diameter: 3mm-40mm
Density: 1.6-1.8g/cm3
Tensile Strength 1800-2200Mpa
E-modulus: 140-155Gpa
Elogation: 1.3-1.5%
Coefficient of thermal expansion: 0×10-6/℃


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