Gaoziku Reservoir Reinforcement Engineering Campaign Announcement

This campaign project Gaoziku Reservoir Reinforcement Project (project name) has been organized and implemented by Suining Kaida Investment Co., Ltd. as the project owner according to the approval of the management committee. The project has been qualified for election, and the construction unit of the project is now being selected publicly.

  1. Project name: Gaoziku Reservoir Reinforcement Project

II. Construction site: Gaoziku Reservoir, Xinqiao Town, Economic Development Zone

III. Construction scale: dam renovation, waterproof facilities renovation, spillway renovation.

  1. Contract price form: fixed comprehensive unit price contract.

V. Contract price: 1270245.00 yuan (ie, 1397871.00 yuan based on the financial review price, a 10% decrease, of which the non-competitive fee includes the basic reserve fee of 64412.18 yuan, the safety and civilization fee (environmental protection and soil and water conservation) of 57200.00 yuan, and the non-competitive fee has not decreased. ).

  1. Performance bond = contract price * 10%, paid to the owner’s unit account or bank guarantee within five working days after the issuance of the winning notice, and will be refunded without interest within two months after the completion of the project’s acceptance inspection. Failure to pay the performance bond within this period shall be deemed as giving up the election.

VII. Scope of project contracting: all contents within the scope shown in the bill of quantities and construction drawings.

  1. Duration: 60 calendar days.

IX. Participating units are required to participate in this selection: they must have the qualifications of an independent legal person and possess the qualifications of Grade III and above for general contracting of water conservancy and hydropower projects issued by the construction administrative department. The project manager carries the original company business license, qualification certificate and other company-related documents and a stamped copy to attend the election application, pre-qualification, and random selection of candidates on the spot. At the same time, the project manager must also bring: 1. My ID card, the proposed project Originals of qualification certificates of the members of the management organization (project leader, technical leader, construction worker, safety officer, quality inspector, material officer, cost member) (the qualification certificate must be the corresponding certificate issued by the construction administrative department), and the title certificate (project The person in charge and the person in charge of technology shall also provide the original of the professional title qualification document or the certification materials of the issuing authority or the certification department or the professional technical occupation (practice) qualification professional title review form) and a photocopy of the official seal. 2. The original of the endowment insurance related certificates of all members of the project management agency for nearly six months and a photocopy of the official seal (the main members of the project management agency did not serve as project managers in other unfinished projects when they participated in this project election. Until the completion of the project, they shall not be project managers in other projects).

X. Project manager qualification requirements: The qualification of a construction engineer in the water conservancy and hydropower engineering major, and at the same time a technical professional title of intermediate level or above in water conservancy and hydropower engineering related majors; a certificate of safety production assessment.

Eleventh, the qualifications of technical person in charge: have a professional title of intermediate level or above in related majors in water conservancy and hydropower engineering.

  1. Registration time: February 13, 2020 to February 17, 2020 (except weekend time)
  2. Application Location: Office of Suining Kaida Investment Co., Ltd.
  3. Perform pre-qualification during registration, and receive design drawings and bill of quantities after registration.
  4. How to determine the candidate: For those candidates who have passed the qualification review, a randomly selected candidate representative will openly and randomly select one candidate (less than three participating units will not be selected).
  5. Open extraction time: the next working day after the deadline for registration
  6. Extraction location: Meeting room of Suining Kaida Investment Co., Ltd. Contact information: 0825-2331689 Contact person: Mr. Ou